Friday, May 6, 2011

New Hobby

My new hobby, COUPONING! I am making my first shopping list with coupons for today or tomorrow. It's a small one, I just want to experiment. I want to buy 6 boxes of pasta, and four jars of pasta sauce, and plan to spend.....well, a dollar. Hopefully. Pasta is on sale for .38 per box, and with my $1/2 box coupon I have, that's two boxes for free. If I use 3 coupons, get six boxes, that should be free. The sauce will be .70 per jar after coupons, so if I get four, that will be about $2.80. BUT, since the sale is for 10 items, I get $5 off, and I will be making money off the pasta, I'm hoping it totals a $1. We will see. This is a rough calculation and I'll post my full transaction after I shop.

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