Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kroger Trip 5.7.11

So, Cody wanted to go to Kroger to stock up on ribs, and I joined since I could always do another mega sale. This is a break down of what we spent-

What I got:

(2) Mothers Best Cereal w/ MC= .24 per box
(2) Bags of rice w/MC= 2.69 per bag
(3) Cans of Campbell soup= .89 per can
(2) bottles of Kraft BBQ sauce= .50 per bottle
(3) bags of pasta(elbow this time)= .38 per bag
(2) bags of mixed veggies= .88 per bag
(1) 1 lbs bananas= 1.06
Total for me= 13.49

What Cody got:
(6) stacks of rib= 30.68 total
(1) 10lb bag of potatoes= 3.99 per bag
(2) bottles of Pepsi= .88 per bottle
(2) bags of Zapp Chips= 1.00 per bag
(1) pkg of crab meat= 5.99 (sale was 2/5.99 but he didn't pay attention to that ha)

Retail- $127.52 OOP: $63.10

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