Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kroger Trip 5.7.11

So, Cody wanted to go to Kroger to stock up on ribs, and I joined since I could always do another mega sale. This is a break down of what we spent-

What I got:

(2) Mothers Best Cereal w/ MC= .24 per box
(2) Bags of rice w/MC= 2.69 per bag
(3) Cans of Campbell soup= .89 per can
(2) bottles of Kraft BBQ sauce= .50 per bottle
(3) bags of pasta(elbow this time)= .38 per bag
(2) bags of mixed veggies= .88 per bag
(1) 1 lbs bananas= 1.06
Total for me= 13.49

What Cody got:
(6) stacks of rib= 30.68 total
(1) 10lb bag of potatoes= 3.99 per bag
(2) bottles of Pepsi= .88 per bottle
(2) bags of Zapp Chips= 1.00 per bag
(1) pkg of crab meat= 5.99 (sale was 2/5.99 but he didn't pay attention to that ha)

Retail- $127.52 OOP: $63.10

Friday, May 6, 2011

First shopping trip with coupons

Well, went to Kroger........

They were sold out of the Quick cook pasta, the Mom's best cereal and the Boulder Chips, so I have to go back Monday to see if they have anymore in.
I got:
1 milk (needed)$4.39
2 breads (out of the BYG1 free kind)$2.38
2 cans of cream of mushroom/chicken $1.78
4 boxes of pasta Used $1/2 MC, $.96
4 jars of sauce Used (2) $1/2 MC, $3.40
2 bags of cheese (needed, BYG1 free)Used $1 off MC,$2.79
Total retail- $33.30, I paid $14.69.
If DH didn't need milk and cheese, I would have done awesome and stuck to my list. First time going in with coupons, woo hoo. Going back soon, it's addicting.

New Hobby

My new hobby, COUPONING! I am making my first shopping list with coupons for today or tomorrow. It's a small one, I just want to experiment. I want to buy 6 boxes of pasta, and four jars of pasta sauce, and plan to spend.....well, a dollar. Hopefully. Pasta is on sale for .38 per box, and with my $1/2 box coupon I have, that's two boxes for free. If I use 3 coupons, get six boxes, that should be free. The sauce will be .70 per jar after coupons, so if I get four, that will be about $2.80. BUT, since the sale is for 10 items, I get $5 off, and I will be making money off the pasta, I'm hoping it totals a $1. We will see. This is a rough calculation and I'll post my full transaction after I shop.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Deans List

I am so proud of my husband, he made the deans list for his college! I'll have a picture to post tonight, he has a reward for me to hang up on "his wall". On pay day (15th) I am taking him to habachi, his favorite place to eat, to celebrate!! I am also going to change my ways, and try the envolope system with my pay check next week. I want to save money, pay debt and be able to live stress free for when Cody quits his job when the baby comes. He has to quit until December because with him going to school during the days, working at night, we won't have anyone to take care of Cadence at night after daycare. I know he isn't happy about it, but he knows and understands that he has to for the family.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My sweet family

This is my husband and I, the day we married (March 2nd 2011)

This is me, relaxing.

This is my sweet Ayden, home sick from daycare.

First Time!

Okay, so this is my first ever shopping list/Meal Planning. I wanted to start out easy, and do meals that are quick, and simple. I also am going on vacation at the end of the month, so that's 2 1/2 days I don't have to plan. The red is items I have coupons for, I'm sure I'll get more before this shopping trip. Also, My meals might change, based on my local store sales that pop up next week. This is just a practice/rough draft so far.

Canned Goods-
- Cream of Mushroom (3 cans)
- Cream of Chicken (3 cans) 
- Chicken Noodle (4 cans)
- Spaghetti Sauce (2 jars)   
- Alfrado Sauce (1 jar)
Boxed Goods-
-Egg Noodles (1 pkg)
-Elbow Noodles (1 box)
-Cereal (?) .70 MC F/RAISIN BRAN
            .75 MC COOKIE CRISP
            .55 MC HONEYNUT CHEERIOS
           $1/2 MC COCO/REG KRISPIES
         (2).55 MC TRIX
-Speghetti Noodles
-Ziti Noodles
-Oatmeal (1 box)
-Pancake mix
- Hamburger (5lbs)
- Chicken Breast (5 breasts)
- Steak (?)
- Lunch Meats (3 pkgs)
- Bacon (1 pkg)
-Cereal Bars (2 boxes)
-Milk (2 gallons)
- Yogurt (12 cups) (2).40/6 MC
- Shredded Cheese (2 pkg) $1/2 TARGET SC
-White Loaf (2 loafs)
-English Muffins (1 pkg)
-Bagels (1 pkg)
-Taco Shells (1 box)
Fresh Veggies and Fruit-
-Corn on the cob (6 cobs)
- Grapes (1 pkg)
- Watermelon (1 watermelon)
- Banana (8 bananas)
- Potatos (3 lbs)
- Salad fixings (2 bags)
-Tomatoes (2)
-Toaster Struddles- $1/2 MC COUPON
- Oven baked Pizza (4 pies)
- Mixed Veggies (3 bags)

-Toilet Paper(4/6 rolls) (2).25 MC CHARMIN
-Dog Food (1 bag)
-Cat Food (1 bag)

(May 15th-May 31st)
Sunday,May 15th- Breakfast- Pancakes w/Banana
Lunch- Oven Baked Pizza
Dinner- Chicken Alfrado
Monday,May 16th- Breakfast- Bagel/ Fruit
Lunch- Left overs
Dinner- Baked Chicken, steamed veggies
Snacks: Yogurt, Bagel, Fruit
Tuesday, May 17th- Breakfast- Cereal
Lunch- Wendy's ($4)
Dinner- Baked Ziti
Snacks: Cereal bar, pudding, popcorn
Wednesday,May 18th- Breakfast- Oatmeal
Lunch- Left overs
Dinner- Steaks on the grill/corn on the cob & potatos
Snacks: Bagel, Yogurt, Salad
Thursday, May 19th- Breakfast- Cereal
Lunch- Sandwich/Salad
Dinner- Tuna Noodles
Snacks: Fruit, Corn on the cob, pudding
Friday, May 20th- Breakfast- Cereal Bar/Yogurt
Lunch- Out to eat ($10)
Dinner- Creamy Chicken Noodles
Snacks: Sandwich, Fruit
Saturday, May 21st- Breakfast- French Toast/Fruit Salad
Lunch- Grilled Cheese/Soup
Dinner- DH Grill Choice
Sunday, May 22nd- Breakfast-Eggs, bacon, toast
Lunch- Hearty Chili Macaroni
Dinner- Pizza
Monday, May 23rd- Breakfast- Cereal
Lunch- Wendys ($4)
Dinner- Steak and veggie stir fry
Snacks- Bagel, Popcorn, Yogurt
Tuesday, May 24th- Breakfast- Breakfast bar/Yogurt
Lunch- Left overs
Dinner-Chili dogs/mac and cheese
Wednesday, May 25th- Breakfast- Cereal
Lunch- Sandwich/Salad
Dinner- Tacos/ Mexican Rice
Thursday, May 26th- Breakfast- Bagels/fruit
Lunch- Sandwich/ Cereal Bar/ Yogurt
Dinner- Spegetti
Friday, May 27th- OCEAN SPRINGS
Saturday, May 28th- OCEAN SPRINGS
Sunday, May 29th- Dinner- Pizza
Monday, May 30th- Breakfast- Cereal Bar/ Yogurt
Lunch- Sandwich/Yogurt
Dinner- Mac & Cheese and Hot dogs
Tuesday, May 31st- Breakfast- Cereal
Lunch- Out to eat ($10)
Dinner- Pantry Choice
Wednesday, June 1st- Breakfast- Bagel
Lunch- Sandwich
Dinner- Out to eat ($30)

Fresh Start

This is my first time blogging, so I'm new to this world. I'm also new to a lot of things lately. I'll start by introducing myself, I'm Ashley, 21 and a mom to a wonderful boy named Ayden, who is one as of last week. I am due with another sweet boy on July 28th, I am so looking forward to having this baby. I recently started to coupon, thanks to the amazing ladies on my BBC( group called "COUPON Newbies". My husband thinks it's hilarious that I'm so excited about this, I'm just excited to save money and get a lot for little money. I also picked up Meal Planning for this month. Cody is a picky eater sometimes, so it's hard to know what he will like. I am trying to stay away from boxed foods, such as hamburger helper, and make more meals from scratch. We will see how that goes.