Thursday, May 5, 2011

Deans List

I am so proud of my husband, he made the deans list for his college! I'll have a picture to post tonight, he has a reward for me to hang up on "his wall". On pay day (15th) I am taking him to habachi, his favorite place to eat, to celebrate!! I am also going to change my ways, and try the envolope system with my pay check next week. I want to save money, pay debt and be able to live stress free for when Cody quits his job when the baby comes. He has to quit until December because with him going to school during the days, working at night, we won't have anyone to take care of Cadence at night after daycare. I know he isn't happy about it, but he knows and understands that he has to for the family.

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  1. Wow Congratulations!!!

    I am a follower of yours! :)

    I have two giveaways going on on my blog if you would like to check them out :)

    Have a great day!!!