Friday, May 6, 2011

First shopping trip with coupons

Well, went to Kroger........

They were sold out of the Quick cook pasta, the Mom's best cereal and the Boulder Chips, so I have to go back Monday to see if they have anymore in.
I got:
1 milk (needed)$4.39
2 breads (out of the BYG1 free kind)$2.38
2 cans of cream of mushroom/chicken $1.78
4 boxes of pasta Used $1/2 MC, $.96
4 jars of sauce Used (2) $1/2 MC, $3.40
2 bags of cheese (needed, BYG1 free)Used $1 off MC,$2.79
Total retail- $33.30, I paid $14.69.
If DH didn't need milk and cheese, I would have done awesome and stuck to my list. First time going in with coupons, woo hoo. Going back soon, it's addicting.

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